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COVER: Magia short vocal cover

Well, this was kind of unexpected.

Usually when I decide to embark of a new vocal cover, it’s something that’s been on my reminders list for quite some time, queuing up for my vocals to shred the beautiful song up. For some reason I just felt that I wanted to start on this ASAP. It surprisingly took me a few days to complete, even though it’s only a little over a minute and has a lot less layers than other songs (read: Sprinter cover).

Not my best, but, I put in a lot of effort into attempting the harmonies and the editing.

Please please please feel free to leave critiques on this attempt (as well as many others). While I’m just uploading this out of pure leisure, I would very much love to also improve at area where I’m terrible at.


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COVER: LAST STARDUST short A capella

After a 3000-word social research paper done, it’s as if some rubber band inside of me has just snapped. I keep having these impromptu karaoke sessions with myself around the house.

Since I’m taking this time to relax before going back to mug for exams happening next week, I did a quick cover that has been on my to-do list for since August.

Because it’s short, the whole recording plus editing took way less than an hour. Also maybe because I had looped this song infinitely on my playlist ever since it was released on Aimer’s new album. So much FSN/UBW feels.

願い の 破片, よ 永遠へ!

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