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I’m somewhat suffering a withdrawal symptom

I may or may not have mentioned it previously, but in polytechnic I was quite involved in a CCA called Campus Crusade for Christ. When I finished my final polytechnic exams this February, I decided to continue immersing myself into that campus ministry by signing a contract to be a project staff. It’s the same people and almost same procedures, except this time round I’m looking at everything from a different angle. It took some time to adjust, but I soon settled down with the travelling between home, school and the office and staff-level planning.

Having just ended my 3.5 months contract yesterday night, I woke up this morning feeling very much ‘unfresh’ (also because I didn’t wash up before crashing) with just a teeny bit of sadness. It’s feels slightly weird because I thought the very prospect of starting school again and still being in a God-loving community in their university campus ministry would overwrite all sorts of longing to look back. I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I’m just giving off humans’ natural repelling towards change, if something like this even exists.

Either way, I’m thankful that I got the chance to see a unique ministry’s runnings from a management’s point-of-view. Considering full-time ministry now? Probably. Full-time campus ministry? Not so much for now, surprisingly. I’d still like to consider joining other forms of ministry work first.


I’ve graduated from poly! *confetti* It’s news that’s 2 months late, but better than no news! I’m actually starting university next week with only 1 day of class and 3 days of orientation camp in a foreign land. Sounds classy, but I actually mean Pulau Ubin. So.


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