Twilight Ramble

This weekend’s a special opportunity.

Even though I try not to put too much emphasis on it, I still somehow see my birthday as a day of indulgence of all sorts. So this year, when my family’s away in Bali, I self-declared the start of my weekend on Friday night, the last moments of my birth day, by attempting to stakeout by Starbucks till morning.

Which is also why I’m writing this using Starbucks’ wifi, instead of moulding in the comforts of my own room. Also because I’m alone at home and there’s no government (read: Hokkien – bo zheng hu) so I’m taking the chance to things my parents would not easily agree to i.e. camping at an overpriced cafe alone. Talk about gaining another year with maturity HAHAHA.

Now come to think of it, I’m probably experiencing many introverts’ dream situation to be in: alone, undisturbed in a corner with a whole night of solo activities. What a present~


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