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Being Aware vs being Proud of weaknesses

I don’t understand how can some be proud of their weakness or sin.

I was recently forced into listening to someone’s coversation because we were sitting at the same table. Long story short, the person (let’s just namr her Su for clarity’s sake) was still complaining and quite obviously badmouthing about others. It wasn’t a one-off rant; it was at night and she had been repeating herself to different individuals throughout the day. In a moment of tiredness I lost myself and raised my voice at her, “that’s enough!”

Then, a moment of silence. Then the reply, “shut up. I have all the rights to talk about them.”

Let me just put this across: there is a difference between letting off steam by ranting, and plain wanting to let others know all the wrongs others have done. You would think that a full day worth of complains about the same group of people and about the same incident would be enough as a stress reliever, especially after some of  her “audiences” actually tried to clear up some misunderstanding and gently shift her views a little. Apparently it wasn’t enough.

No one has the right to badmouth or even gossip about others freely. Are we all not equally flawed? “For all have fallen short of the glory of God”, who are we to be righteous in speaking ill about others? 

I do understand that the people under the unknown verbal attack were wrong in their actions and words, and that Su was also very much affected by their behaviour, but there should still be a line drawn for expressing your opinions about others.

Then there’s the other point: there’s a difference between knowing your weakness, and being proud of it. One is recognising the need for change and improvement, the latter is deluding yourself that no improvement is needed, often at the expense of your own personality and others.

This is not the first time Su has so freely cussed about people; when being approached about what seems to have become a standard protocol for her, her defense is usually along the lines of “I don’t care, they’re wrong, and I have to right to do so because I’m offended.”

As just mentioned, yes, such arrogance of yourself does impact those around you. For Su, personally I have tried to stay away from the many things that she’s involved in as much as possible. Reason being that it’s not very effective working around such a negative person who may already been giving you the same treatment, also that it’ll definitely start warping the way you view others and behave.

Bottom-line is, there’s a distinction between knowing yourself and obnoxiously arrogant. And no, it’s not that much of a “fine line”.  It’s actually quite clear-cut most of the time, to others, and also to your inner self, that is, if there’s actually reflection done.


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Twilight Ramble

This weekend’s a special opportunity.

Even though I try not to put too much emphasis on it, I still somehow see my birthday as a day of indulgence of all sorts. So this year, when my family’s away in Bali, I self-declared the start of my weekend on Friday night, the last moments of my birth day, by attempting to stakeout by Starbucks till morning.

Which is also why I’m writing this using Starbucks’ wifi, instead of moulding in the comforts of my own room. Also because I’m alone at home and there’s no government (read: Hokkien – bo zheng hu) so I’m taking the chance to things my parents would not easily agree to i.e. camping at an overpriced cafe alone. Talk about gaining another year with maturity HAHAHA.

Now come to think of it, I’m probably experiencing many introverts’ dream situation to be in: alone, undisturbed in a corner with a whole night of solo activities. What a present~

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