My List of Useful Items You Can Get For My Birthday

Even though there’s still about two weeks to go to the 19th Anniversary of Me inhaling my first breath of air on Mother Earth, I already have people around me reminding me about it and even trying to plan ‘suprises’ (which got ruined when the word of it got back to me HAHA). And to save yall the trouble of deciding what I like, here’s a shameless list of wonderful things you can get for me, of which I’ll gift to you a bag of happy tears.

1) Highlighters.
2) Socks.
3) Cloth. (please inquire further)
4) Fried chicken.
5) More fried chicken. (receive two bag of happy tears in return)
6) Chips.
7) Breakfast-in-bed table. (ie. the one for Ikea that I always don’t dare to buy when I’m with my Mum because she’ll figure out that I’m planning to do work on the bed)
8) A giant bolster.
9) Food vouchers.
10) Shiratamako. (I really want to make my own ice-cream mochi)


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