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Childhood Reinvented

Few weeks ago, my lecturer showed us a video of a brand of plasters featuring muppets, where animated graphics of muppets would appear on the screen of the mobile device that you scanned the plaster with. I watched it and thought,”oh cool, technology has come so far that it’s not really surprising that something like this exists.”

Seems like Hello Panda adopted the same thing. I literally started squealing when I saw this:

I didn’t win, but I felt like a winner already.
Dear Hello Panda marketing team, thank you for making a childhood snack exciting again.




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The Shocking “Ordinary”

My morning was started rudely today. Long story short, I still feel that I was screamed at ultimately because it affected the other person’s plan, which was fueled by his wrong motivations.

As I spent the next few moments dispelling my anger, I was a little shocked for my reasoning behind the thought “don’t worry, weren’t you always expecting something like this to happen anyway? This definitely isn’t the first time you’ve seen his short-tempered blows.”
I have had a lot of time spent with this person, and seeing he loses himself to anger quite often, I have often used this thought to calm myself down.
That’s not the shocking part. I’m sure everyone has that one or a few acquaintances with short fuses and have thoughts around the same lines.
It hit me this morning that it wasn’t very natural to always be prepared for an argument to happen around the same person, and recall a disclaimer message of expecting the person to blow up, everytime you spent time with the person. I realised that I would literally find myself thinking: alright, you chose to go out and have lunch together, so if whatever you do or say just happens to spark an argument instead of a discussion, or if he’s in a bad mood and decides to spill it onto you, you asked for it. And so giving birth to my initial “calming sentence” at the top of this post, albeit with a slightly skewed reasoning behind it.

Since when did I actually start finding this a normal process? How about all the other arguments he’s always sparked with others? Do those people have the same thoughts as well?

I’m done with my morning rant.

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My List of Useful Items You Can Get For My Birthday

Even though there’s still about two weeks to go to the 19th Anniversary of Me inhaling my first breath of air on Mother Earth, I already have people around me reminding me about it and even trying to plan ‘suprises’ (which got ruined when the word of it got back to me HAHA). And to save yall the trouble of deciding what I like, here’s a shameless list of wonderful things you can get for me, of which I’ll gift to you a bag of happy tears.

1) Highlighters.
2) Socks.
3) Cloth. (please inquire further)
4) Fried chicken.
5) More fried chicken. (receive two bag of happy tears in return)
6) Chips.
7) Breakfast-in-bed table. (ie. the one for Ikea that I always don’t dare to buy when I’m with my Mum because she’ll figure out that I’m planning to do work on the bed)
8) A giant bolster.
9) Food vouchers.
10) Shiratamako. (I really want to make my own ice-cream mochi)

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the lengths I go for Carousell (No I kid)

I recently spent close to an hour in an attempt to find out what Carousell used for their font.

Reason? For a marketing presentation on the very same app. Instead of finding out about the more important information such as their target audience, competitors and other relevant marketing whatnot, I spent another hour on typefaces. And I haven’t even found it yet 😀

Welp, back to work.


“Dear Carousell, how would yall like to have a carousel with listings on IPads in the middle of a busy street/mall?”

-Me, after many unsuccessful ideas imagined

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