Please teach me how to write a passage on why I am eligible.

I recently registered my interest for a school trip to Japan during June. Because of the limited space available, the email about the trip that was initially sent to us informed us that we’d all have to go for an interview, which wasn’t much of a big deterrence to me. For the past few weeks after my registration I’ve been wrecking my mind for all sorts of questions they could ever ask and decided that I’d just go in and wing it. 


The confirmation email for my interview timing reached me and to my dreadfulness, the damned sentence appeared:

“You will have to bring your essay about “Why I Should Be Chosen For The Programme” in English”


On the good side, it’s in English.
On the other face of the coin, I hadn’t the slightest idea of how to start. And the interview is just tomorrow. 

“I should be chosen because I watch quite a bit of anime.”
“I would be the perfect candidate because I like raw salmon.”
“I can introduce myself in Japanese.”

It seems like a brilliant idea now to let the panic monster kick in at night and churn out the whole glob then. Maybe then I’ll be less embarrassed and more of an egoist HA.


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