First, Gintama movie. And now…

I know that there are some people who, upon hearing about a movie’s release, would wait for an online stream before watching it. But I didn’t like the idea of throwing away the chance of watching Gintama HD on a wide screen with Dolby Surround sound, and to be really honest, I still don’t regret my decision. Twas so, so, SO GOOD. Everything single joke from the anime was included, from the series’ signature breaking-the-4th-wall act, all the way to Shinpachi’s spectacles-only existence. And yes, there was the swoon from fangirls all around the theatre when characters made a cameo/first appearance (refer to: Takasugi and Okita’s appearances)

I went with a friend of mine who still agreed to go with me even though she didn’t follow the series and probably didn’t understand quite a few of the references and jokes. But thank you, for letting me not become a lone cinema-goer HAHA

And look at what memorabilia we got:

A notebook! A little thin, but nevertheless still a good souvenir

A notebook! A little thin, but nevertheless still a good souvenir



Guess who’s going there to catch Ufotable’s HD animation in wide screen, staying for the whole credits to hear Kalafina’s Alleluia in Dolby Surround and attempting to redeem a limited edition movie poster? :3


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