AFA2013: What I got out of it.

So. A late post. Well.

AFA2013 was brilliant from start to end for me even though I didn’t actually buy anything, except for the event ticket and this:

Whelp. Post-event shaky hands.

Whelp. Post-event shaky hands.

I spend most of my time there walking around with my Amnesia group  and, well, resting. HAHA.

Also met quite a few people who were fans of Ukyo. Two girls also came up to us to take individual pictures, and they were beaming about “your costumes are so nice!!!” You couldn’t imagine how happy I felt at that enthusiastic comment. Maybe if I had made the outfit instead of purchasing it, I would have started crying.

AFA13 had quite a bit of merchandise displayed, as well scale models.





A 1-1 scale Berthol- I mean, Colossal titan head.

Somewhere in front of the area where we ‘deposited’ our bags, there was this super, super cute Popura Taneshima. And she’s really small-sized. I had to get past a wall of photographers just so that I could take this phone camera-quality picture.IMAG0925And that’s about it!

UKYO 9-11-13Thanks to the photographer that helped to capture this shot! Really love it to bits!


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