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I’m still an INTJ

Two years ago when I first took the Briggs Myer’s personality test online, I found out that I was classified as an ‘INTJ’, with little surprise.

It’s funny how I feel like I’ve changed a lot coming two years into a new environment, yet I’m still getting the same result HA.


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I’ve got a slight taobao phobia

*wants to buy l-elf’s uniform*

*afraid the costume comes two size too large again*



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So. I set up a new social network account.

It took me quite long to realise that the high quality raws that I got from a photographer wouldn’t fit into the allowed upload bandwidth.

Either way, it’s gonna help me keep pictures :3

I don’t have a whole bunch of pictures yet, so it’s looking rather plain heh. Still, it’s a start I guess.


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Tall Order: Part Two

Some time back I wrote a post on how I wanted to cosplay as Ukyo from Amnesia and made a really cold pun on how it was a tall order (cos, it’s difficult wit all the details and, you know, he’s kinda TALL hehheh).

Ever since I placed an order for the costume, this project is by far the one with the most happening events. Well, it might be an exaggeration though, since I’ve only done Zange and my Takuto costume is still in bits and pieces.

What happened?
As I had ordered it from taobao during China’s Golden Week and other cultural holidays, I was given heads up that the seller would only be able to ship my order out quite late, which forced me to opt for the wallet-ripping express air cargo. But my costume still came about 3 weeks before its expected arrival date because the seller somehow ended their holidays early. Okay.

However, not only was my promised wig not inside, the whole costume was at least 2 sizes too large, with exceptions to Ukyo’s “apron” thing, which I couldn’ t even fit into without expelling every single ounce of air from my tummy HAHA

But the good thing was that when I wailed to my Amnesia whatsapp group for a solution, it so happened that our Ikki could sew. As for the wig, I had to reorder it again.

About last week, I received two messages from my agent: one that told me that my package had arrived, and another about two days later, reporting to me that the supplier had sent a short brown wig instead of Ukyo’s luscious mane.

Then there’s still the problem of balancing in 13cm platforms.

And I’m not even bringing in the problems I’m having with my constantly unresponsive Contact lens supplier.

But of course, there’ light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how ridiculously puny that tunnel is. I managed to rent a wig from someone else. And as if my online shopping nightmare was coming to an end, the wig’s seller proposed to send the correct wig over with the shipping fee waived.

I also managed to detangle and fit and style  the overly-abundant wig onto my head in a mere 3 hours.


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