Semester 2.2

As usual, a post that I had planned to finish right after my exams, but is only published now due to severe procrastination.

The last semester in school has been memorable, just like the my first two semesters. But this time I took more pictures in during classes and projects than usual.

Maybe… it’s due to the slightly different activities that participated in at times?



Like the time when we had to form groups and play this simulated game, and knew nuts about the entire gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t necessarily annoyed by the fact that we couldn’t comprehend even a teeny bit of the whole thing.  In fact, twas actually a really good sidetrack from the usual tutorials.

And we realised that we weren’t fit to run bakeries from the amount of “profit” we made HAHA

A fly that came to visit once when I was mugging

I got bored during one solo mugging session and started ripping apart a temporary train card to see what's inside HAHA




ESPriT’s good! But expensive!

And I’ve also been doing quite a bit of solo mugging in school because the modules these time have quite a bit of information to digest. But it’s really good that I stay close to school so transport wasn’t a problem for me 😀


headless Pamela and my unidentified frappe



our provence lunch @ holland v!

And this time round, I also tried studying with a friend WITHOUT getting distracted at all hehheh. Twas pretty successful in my opinion…


too bad provence’s sitting area is closed for renovations now… but on a good side it’s gonna come back looking better!

And of course, not forgetting the unforgettable project experience. One of the most memorable projects that I had this semester involved us doing a business pitch. And because it was also the last project to finish, we really put ton of effort in, even into the appendices.


We did some sample products from our make-believe business 😀


And we celebrated the end of our project with Ajisen and Black Ball. I’ve been addicted to Black Ball ever since.


All in all, twas another semester with too much fun. 


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