A simple confession.

It’s hard to forgive someone who repeatedly does the same thing all over and over again.

It’s even harder when you don’t have any solid proof that certain someone did it, or it’s too small an object to raise an argument about.

I said a prayer to God telling Him that because I believe he has a plan for everything, I’m going to let it go. 

But then fear gripped me again: what if it happens again? Just like the last few times? Will you be looked down upon as someone who is unobservant, or as someone who lets people step all over her because she doesn’t have to power to shove others away?

It has happened so often that I’m literally feeling indifference towards the whole situation. How am I going to stop it in the future?

Dear Lord God,

I admit, I am totally powerless even against people close to me. But I never knew that I had to constantly put my guard up towards everyone in this sinful world. Please help me to put down grudges, and help me to focus on the more important, non-materialistic things in life. I may be like a lifeless body to a pack of vultures, but with your power I want to show others that I have you supporting me.

I want to continuously follow you so that I don’t only look to you when I’m down and out.  I want to be stronger in my faith. 

Thank you Lord. Amen.


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