I recently sent my laptop for servicing…

I can’t believe that Lenovo took my laptop for almost a week, only to tell me that they haven’t solved the problem yet.

I’ve been having problems connecting to the school’s wi-fi, even though I could use the wireless at home and everywhere else. It wasn’t a problem with the campus’ wi-fi either, because everyone else was connecting to it flawlessly.

After making 3 separate visits to the in-campus IT helpdesk, I eventually dragged my laptop to the official service centre.

Why, you ask, didn’t I send it there in the first place? The chances of them taking it for a few days was pretty high, and I, being a polytechnic student with no backup laptop or netbook, would have been left at a sour disadvantage. But since even the IT helpdesk recommended me to make a trip there, I took a short bus ride down to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

There, they reformatted my laptop, wiping out the important software like Microsoft Office (which I had to return to the IT helpdesk another time, to get it reinstalled), but to no avail.

All these happened last week.

So just last Monday, I went to the service centre again, and while stressing to them that I needed it as soon as possible with the wi-fi problem eliminated, trusted them that they would be able to return a fully healthy Thinkpad back to me. Heck, I even told them that it might be a problem with the wi-fi chip.

And so I waited. In the past two times when I had sent it for servicing for different reason, I would send it in the evening, and two working days later, I would receive this glorious call in the morning “uh. Your laptop is ready for collection.” I sent it in on a Monday morning. Wednesday came, no calls at all. Alright, they said 3 to 5 working days anyway.  All these while, I had to do project discussions without a laptop for me to refer to, neither did I have to freedom of typing away from a desktop.

Today is Friday. Being very frustrated over the fact that I haven’t been able to complete my part of the project without a proper laptop, I called up the service centre, repeating similar lines to “I need it by today, it’s really urgent.”

Guess what? On our third conversation, they told me that they didn’t find any problem. 5 days of diagnostic checks, and you didn’t find any problems?

“I was told that it might be some wi-fi card problem, and that’s why I sent it in, thinking that you could change it for me,” my nerves were running amok.

“Oh, in that case, I will order the wi-fi card, and you can take your laptop back first. These when the card arrives, you can come in and we’ll do a replacement on the spot.”

You have no idea how much anger I’m feeling right now.

Should I in the first place have gone in, disregarding the fact that they are the professionals, and  demanded, “no need to run any checks. Order the correct wi-fi card for me, I’ll come in tomorrow and you’ll change it immediately for me”?

What exactly have they been doing these past few days? Has my laptop just been sitting there, and would’ve have still been if I hadn’t called in? It sounds hardly possible that their ‘diagnostic checks’ could run for so long. That person on the phone sounded as though he wouldn’t have thought of replacing the wi-fi card if I hadn’t suggested it to him.

And it’s not like they didn’t know I needed it back and FIXED ASAP; the person that had helped me at the counter on Monday made an asterisk note *Urgent. Customer needs it for project work.

Even words cannot express how much animosity and rage I’m experiencing right now.



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