Mid-year resolution

Well technically more than half of 2013 has already passed, so calling this a mid-year resolution would mean that its late but hey, better than nothing I guess… HAHAHA

I’m set and bent on sewing a Takuto genderbend, be it by hand stitch or toe stitch. I remembered making a post sometime back about totally giving up on it because I really didn’t feel like I could find a decent costume anywhere. SO I’M GONNA HAND SEW IT. Or maybe I’ll get a portable sewing machine to lighten my load. But all of these are gonna start when my holidays begin. For now, studies.

For the past few days I’ve been spending all my free time wrecking over the materials I’d be using to make it look really flashy, like how flamboyant female-Takuto would wear it, so just as a note before I forget everything… here’s the list of things I’ve already mapped out a million times in my head.


-White satin fabric for coat

-White ‘uniform’ fabric for vest, wrist cuffs and shorts

-Rich red patterned/textured fabric for underside of coat (or maybe just red fabric and translucent lacy fabric) and sash

-Golden fabric for trimming of vest, shorts and wrist cuffs (bias tape?)

-Golden laced trimmings for coat, bends across chest and star pin

-Blue (crystal like?) buttons for coat

-Cardboard, golden fabric ropes, laced trimmings and blue sphere for shoulder pads

-white military gloves!

-red stockings!

-White boots with golden shoelaces!

-a whole lot of white golden thread

-and of course, tracing paper or something similar…



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