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So I was googling things again…

This time I was looking for any possible bad reviews on Freshkon’s monthly contacts and this happened:



Anyway, if you happen to know whether Freshkon monthly is worth the spend (the 52 or 38 one), I’d be glad to listen.


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Music: Sen no Kaze – Gintoki ver.

School’s been busy, yet fun all the while.

Since I’m online, here’s a clip of a really relaxing song covered by Gintoki.
I can’t make up my mind whether to cry or to laugh.

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July 26, 2013 · 10:47 pm

*rant about internet being slow*

The wireless internet is unusually slow and is making me blow my top. S!

AH! But it loads pages faster when more tabs are open! M!

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Blood Lad 17 quote

“First of all, who are you?”


“Where did you come from?”


“Like we don’t know that already. I’m asking why did you come here.”

-“I left home. I want to go to Japan… I want to meet Hayao Miyazaki.”

Oh Staz. I think you’ll fit SO well as a Gintama character.

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2013 has weird comedy anime


-an otaku vampire

-a human-turned-dachshund and a sadistic novelist

-titans, and a captain with OCD (LOL)

as well as mecha shows with their myriad of acronyms again *.*


PS: in case it wasn’t very clear, the OCD captain doesn’t belong to a comedy. It’s actually from one of the most intense anime this season. Just tryna put some humor there…

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Note to self: remove procrastination

Note to self:

-Finish computer work in 2 hours

-Get some sleep

-Drag myself to the school’s library a few hours later. Remember to order green apple-green tea.

-Grill through assignments and tutorials. Metaphorically for now, maybe literally after exams.

-Lock laptop at home to prevent further distraction.

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Music: Moshi Kono Kabe no Naka ga Ikken no Ie Dato Shitara


My new favourite song.
Starting out as ballad, it seems like a stark contrast to the other two songs in the same single, Jiyuu E No Shingeki. And without listening to the lyrics, the first few verses are actually quite repetitive.
And that’s when I started checking out the lyrics. It actually shows a slightly different perspective in reference to Shingeki No Kyojin. While the other two songs in the single loudly scream about charging forward and defeating their enemies, this melody shows a vastly different meaning to the characters’ purpose of getting away from the tall cages.

You have no idea how much I’ve actually looped this song today after I read and interpreted the lyrics today.

One thing though, the ending of the song is actually part of the first soundtrack in the album, Guren No Yumiya. hmm.

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July 19, 2013 · 11:02 pm