Music- Zoetrope by Nagi Yanagi

After the huge dilemma and decision to cos Ukyo, that burning urge in me died down recently and I was tempted to even pull out from the Amnesia groups that I would be in.

In all honesty, the anime wasn’t… too solid. The only reason why I wanted to cos Ukyo because I kinda liked his character design, which, I have learnt, may not be a strong enough spurring force for me to cosplay. Especially with the weak storyline.

But then, this song brought me back to one of the few things that attracted me to follow through the whole TV series: yes, the brilliantly done opening sequence. **other factors include OCD to finish what has been started, unless it is of a severe state (see: Hiiro no Kakera for example), and uncompromising work procrastination.**


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