Birthday goodness

Today is my birthday, nuff said.

HAHA I had two cakes in total, one from my family and the other from by DG mates. In case you don’t know, DG=disciple group.


This cake was actually cut half an hour before 5th June arrived. There are only four people at home, but Mum still bought a medium-sized cake. As a result we’ve got a gigantic cake box in our refrigerator with less than half of it consumed.

I’m giving special mention to the candle, because it’s actually a gift from my senior and I had promised her that I’d make sure it was well-utilised on a decent cake and send her a picture as proof HAHA.

IMAG0591Cake #2: Today. Twas so full of chocolatey goodness that I couldn’t finish it on my own.

IMG_0141Not a cake, but it’s LADUREEEEEEEEEE 😀 gift from a friend that’s so close beyond comprehensible words. if that even makes sense.

Thank you Lord, for leading me for so long and forever.


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