Incomprehensible logic.IihijJbxbxbs

I cannot comprehend her logic.I cannot comprehend it so much that I’m logging on to wordpress via my phone just to express how flabbergasted I am. For some reason, I can’t seem to start new paragraphs so be prepared to read a whole chunk of words. So I’m currently in my school’s library, where it’s supposedly a quiet and conducive place for self-study. Nevermind, the quiet part, I’m already satisfied if people would talk in low whispers. But this particular girl’s action totally broke my concentration. what happened was that she picked up a call and because we’re almost sitting back-to-back in  our individual study carrels, I could hear her every single word and the conversation on her phone, not that she was making an effort to whisper in the first place. I got annoyed and turned around, “hi, sorry… shh”. She turned around, acknowledged my reminder with an “oh ok” went back to her phone and said to the receiver “yeah sorry i’m in the library.” AND THEN SHE CONTINUED HER CONVERSATION. WUT. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. To that lady that I’ll probably not see again, what in the world are you thinking?


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