Another awkward moment

When your Mum knocks on your room door, and you can’t remember whether you’ve locked it or not, and then she comes in, making you realise that you didn’t, and she sees a long dark wig in the process of drying and comments, “whoa, what’s that, so scary” and she resumes asking you a question but sees your full Kagerou Shoukiin outfit with the mantle coat hanging less than 2 metres away from the both of you, in all its purple and gold glory, and she’s trying to ask you, “huh, again? When are you doing this?” and you can feel that look of slight disgust while she tries to figure out how much her known-to-be thrifty daughter spent on this bizarre-looking 20th century-inspired outfit, and whether she’s actually as thrifty as she had thought her daughter to be, and all the while you’re trying to avoid this topic by answering her original question, “yeah, I’ll show you my shampoo.”



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