My items arrived!!! (and a depressing rant)

Economy air is really fast. I received a message from my agent telling me that my package was here already. 

And I thought it’d have taken at least another month, since she said customised items usually take longer.

Also, she gave me another piece of news: “btw, the second payment is $32′. D: I guess… it’s about where I predicted it to be…

With this, my next cosplan is about $100, excluding the new(but 2nd-hand) platforms and shading powder. Thanks God for savings.

On a gloomier side note, I was again attacked by that particular person’s unkind words again. Maybe it was the hot weather, or something else happened that really made her angry, but she started pushing me down as soon as I started telling my mother about their entrepreneur camp that I had wanted to attend, stating reasons like I’ll cry over my GPA again, and that I’ll be stressed for the next semester. And that, really, really ticked me off. I mean, how is it any of your business? I know we’re blood-related, but a little more than a week ago you unleashed your full fury upon the rest of the family, reminding us how much to hated to live under the same roof with us. I cried the previous time because I was really shocked, and I’m only stressed now, well, because school has started and I actually have things to do. Even though we’re at different levels, we’re both still students. Don’t tell me that you’re not stressed when you have assignments to finish. Heck, when I have reports to finish, I just stay in my room. But you, take up the whole living room and switch on the tv for yourself, leaving all others in the living room void of the main source of entertainment. What’s more, you scream at those communication with one another in the living room. 

I’m pretty sure that place is called a living room and not a study room for a reason.

It feels like whatever I spill out to her will someday, but definitely, be used against me. But I guess for a particular group of people, the setback of sharing to them is that your secrets and deepest hurts are not as secret as you’d like them to be in future.

I’m having difficulties going to God and forgiving her, even with the image of the cross in my mind. Should I still keep trying? Or should I hold a grudge?


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