Never changing

So after the whole incident about not feeling loved and constantly being misunderstood, she stands back up and starts her counterattack towards passers-by.

It’s just so ironic. She likes to judge people so much for being hypocritical, but does she not see herself at all?

To think that I’m constantly asked by the people she hurt the most to forgive her, yet when she regains her composure she tells those people about how flawed I am through her blackened heart and eyes.

“She really needs to stop blaming people for everything that happens.” Wasn’t that what you did less than 24 hours ago?

“I don’t want to be associated with a stupid bitch like her.” I can’t believe I’m using such a cliche reply, but hey, back at you.

Doesn’t anyone get it? No one in our family was pitting ourselves against her. She was, is and will be the one to start fiery wars against our sick and tired selves all the time.

All I’m feeling now other than rage is this unbelievably strong sadness of how anyone can actually live like that.

It’s funny how we want each other to die so much so that we’re trying our best not to get ourselves killed.


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