Permanent fleeting memories

It seems like just over 2 years ago when the science teacher told the class,”you have to start using new words in your answers already. So today, I’ll be teaching you a new word: whereas.”

You’ll probably not feel it as strongly as I do, since you didn’t experience it firsthand. That was one of those times where I loved to study because I loved to learn new things without feeling the pressure of having to force myself to do better than others in the same cohort.

By the way, that memory was from one of my first science lesson ever, when I was in Primary 3. Ten years from then, but those few minutes are still fresh in my mind. And no matter how much I share with other about this experience of mine, they’ll never be able to completely visualise or feel the explosion of nostalgia and emotions. That wonderful picture that I own will never be visible in the eyes of others.

This is why I don’t really like recalling old memories sometimes.


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