Petite Truffles: petite items

Weekend is arriving in less than an hour. So because I’ll have the next two days to catch up with my schoolwork, I’ll procrastinate a little and bring to you a particular online shop…


Run by two enterprising youths, Petite Truffles aims at bringing to their customers different sorts of unique accessories at affordable prices. Ranging from elegant or playful-looking earrings to quirky handphone covers, all the items are personally chosen by the shop owners themselves, “because we don’t want to sell things that even we don’t find attractive to our customers…” Sound fair enough to me 🙂

I’ll just be doing a short showcase of some of their products here.  For their full collection of items, do visit their FB page.

ImageI don’t own a polaroid camera, so I wasn’t really aware that this existed in the market until recently. These are actually polaroid film stickers, which mean that you can easily perk up the boring white polaroid film frames within a couple of minutes.Petite Truffle has TONS of unique designs. Most of them come in packs of 10 for just $3 and you can even get two packs for a great deal of $5! These come with free normal postage, which means you can buy them without having to step into any shopping area. Hassle-free!

ImageTheir FB page has all the great deals. Their plush keychains are $4 each and there’re more discounts if you buy more than one ($7 for 2 and $10 for 3 keychains!!!)

485372_441517939275425_161163834_n 524858_441517825942103_476599486_n

This part’s probably going to capture the most attention due to it being applicable to more of you people out there: IPhone5 covers. They’re not only half the price of casing sold in retail stores, the available designs are also bound to make your phone stand out. No longer worry about being unable to distinguish your electronic buddy from the crowd! Free normal postage= no need to travel out of the house to get your shopping done!

Last but not least, their earrings collection. These are all bought from Korea and are either white plated, OR plated or 24k plated.

The price of the earrings range from $2.50 to $3.70 per pair, which seem like a good deal to me since some of them look like costume jewellery and are of rather good quality. I wore the champagne star earstuds and they were really comfortable, with the metal backing and all 😀

The flower pattern is carved into the earring, not painted on… Comes in other colours also. No one flower pattern is identical.

Petite Truffles is currently having a giveaway for their earrings collection. It’s rather easy to enter and you won’t lose anything if you don’t win, so why not?

All you have to do is to LIKE and SHARE this post, then LIKE their FB page and that’s all there is to it! Two lucky winners will get to choose two pairs of earrings and have them mailed to their house for absolutely free! (They also promise to have more giveaways in future, so no harm liking their page to be informed of such things first hand, I guess)

And… that’s all!


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