I’m back in school!

School restarted this week with me progressing onto my second year of studies in this wonderful tertiary education programme. Ever since November last year, I’ve been trying my hardest to cherish every waking moment because I had enjoyed myself so much that I wasn’t ready to move another step closer to stepping out of this schooling environment. I had wanted time to slow down so much. But since it’s technically impossible, I’ve decided to trust God to bring me to bigger and better things in life as time moves forward.

Maybe it’s still to early to tell, but my first week of school has been so informative and fulfilling. Either way, it’s a good start.

I’ve been a little busy this week with trying to get myself into the study regiment so I didn’t have the time to finish up some posts that I’ve been wanting to complete. But I’ll share with you some joy I’ve experienced this week. For example, in one of my lectures, the lecturer said, “if you come to my lecture, I promise that I’ll throw at you a lot of other information ON TOP OF THE TEXTBOOK.”

No thank you. I appreciate a complimentary textbook, but I’d rather receive it with two hands pleasantly. 🙂


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