Earth hour a few weeks back

I can’t remember how long ago it was, but on the day when many shops dimmed their lights during earth hour, my family just happened to be in queue at one of the participating restaurants.

ImageOh yeah. 23 March. Anyway, at about 8.20pm it was almost our turn to be seated and then I spotted this notic as soon as I whipped my head around. HAHAHA. My sister was somehow looking forward to having a candlelight dinner until the manager highlighted that they were only going to dim some of the lights. ok. fair enough.

Nothing beats dashing to the arcade after dinner as a method to aid digestion by walking around.

The last time I had been to an arcade was probably a year ago. For some reason, I was really surprised to see several new machines there, especially some which I had known as Iphone games. So I took a few pictures lol.

There was this ‘bricks’ game thing where you had to stack up the blocks that appeared on the screen and I was pretty excited to see that my phone was up for wins. Not that I want another Chacha. No.Image

And that’s it for now! 🙂


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