I secretly want a Snowball Mic…


I don’t know since when, but it turns out that Apple SG is retailing them at $99. The last I checked it was over $100 (or maybe it’s just me remembering the wrong numbers again).

I’ve always secretly wanted one of these, ever since I came across them online about 2 years ago. Why? It’s known to be able to record studio-quality sound without many adjustments. What’s more, it’s actually very easy to set up (just plug and play) and only requires a 2.0 USB port, which is the most common electric port found in desktop sets and laptops. While it’s not under the portable USB series – probably due to it’s spherical shape and stand- it’s still relatively light (under 500grams!!!) without too many unnecessary cable so if I had one I’d probably bring it with me everywhere I go for quality video calls :D.

The only drawback I can think up of is that it only has a single microphone capsule… no wait, that’s for Snowball iCE. The Snowball mic has dual microphone capsules, which mean omni-directional sound pick-up! So no drawbacks! HAHA

No,  I wasn’t sponsored in any way to advertise for them. This is just how much I’ve adored this awesome mic. 😀 Until I’ve struck jackpot or something like that, I’m probably just going to stare at it from my 14-inch screen 😀


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