Online shopping nightmare

About a week ago I ordered quite a few items online.

After making sure (supposedly) that all my details were in I sent in orders. To three different shops.

Then a few days later I sent in another huge order to another shop.

Yesterday, my one of my items supposedly arrived, but was rejected my the addressee, even though they was no one at home. I rang them up this afternoon and realised that they probably sent it to the wrong address. Yesterday again, I was contacted by one of the local sellers that they couldn’t send my items out because they didn’t receive my full address. I gave it to them and they agreed to send out my items by tomorrow.

That’s not the end. I had also shipped items from China and Korea, with my unit number unstated. D:

I guess I’ll just ring up Singpost a month from now and mass collect all my items from their head branch if I don’t receive any packages at my doorstep…


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