If I put a title, I’d destroy the purpose of my first question.



ImageOn Monday I received an email saying that my package was being shipped already. I’d opted for air mail and it’s average shipping time was 4 to 12 days. Exactly 4 days later and there was this box stuffed in my mailbox.

ImageOne day after its Japan release, I have Kalafina’s “Consolation” album on my table!

ImageIt’s the limited edition (DVD) edition with the CDJapan-exclusive postcard.

When I was considering which site I should pre-order from, CDJapan was still my final decision because I found them to be trustworthy after my personal experience and online reviews. What’s more, the shipping was, and is, really quick.


The back of the sleeve cover.

The sleeve cover and postcard are matted. Not that it really matters, but I just prefer matte surfaces to glossy ones HAHA.

ImageYou pull the album out of the sleeve to reveal the uta-himes in the outfits that they had on for Yume no Daichi PV. The whole packaging is so sleek that it’s really enjoyable opening it.

ImageIf the limited edition (DVD) version has an image of Wakana on the back of the lyrics book, I’m guessing that the Blu-ray version has Hikaru and the normal edition has Keiko.

ImageI’m predicting that Consolation will be one of my most repeated songs in the album. A few posts back I attached a radio cut of it. Yesterday when I heard them sing it on Niconico live, I started loving that song even more. It’s just so mesmerising!!!

ImageThe photobook that came with the limited edition albums. It’s a photo collection of the uta-himes donning on their consolation cover and yume no daichi PV outfits. In their latest Kalafina cafe collaboration some of the photos from this collection were also displayed there.


ImageA new addition to my bookshelf 😀 now please excuse me while I indulge in Kalafina’s latest album…


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