Kuroko no Basuke genderbend plan?

So today I chatted awhile with a cosplaying friend of mine and she asked,” you want to do KoB genderbend?”

Even surprising myself, I said,” yeah, why not? I think I can do Kise genderbend.”

At one of the recent events here, there was a KoB gnderbend group and that was the only time I had seen a Kise-chan. The only reason why I told my friend I could do it was because I felt like I could pull it off. Heck, I don’t even follow the series.

“… but have you watched it or not?”

“No. I don’t want to fall into the fandom,” I replied with pure honesty.

Apparently, on my friend’s list, cosplaying a character from a series that you had no interest in was unacceptable. But I’m pretty sure everyone else thinks that way too; I’m probably one of those few people who accept a particular challenge because “dayum, that looks pretty!”

I guess I’ll start watching it soon then.



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