Shots from Batam getaway

In the first part of this eventful week, I saw many new sights in Batam (and on the way there).

ImageA snapshot of our ferry there. Twas a really cold ride because we happened to sit near the air con and there was a fan diagonally in front of my seat. Thank God for having a thoughtful who brought a scarf that I could use, or else I would’ve probably become frostbitten LOL.

I didn’t really take any pictures of the scenery there. Also we mostly went to tourist shops instead of sightseeing stops. 


We stopped by this chocolate shop and I bought two packet for personal consumption HOHOHO.

The one on the right has coffee beans in it; I hadn’t really seen something like this before so I bought it to try.


THIS. Recently my aunt bought some kind of potato snack from Malayasia. At a dried goods store in Batam, we saw the miniature unfried version of it, PRAWN FLAVOURED. Twas so adorable looking that it became snapshot worthy HAHA

At night we went out to a nearby shopping mall.



The picture’s very messy, but these were our dinners. We… kinda ordered quite different dishes but for some reason they all looked similar…


We found this in their supermarket. Near to the large table that held all of these was a refrigerator shelf with MORE OF THESE haha

ImageTook the chance to try A&W there. Behind the float is our loot of snacks that can’t be found locally 😀



And my harvest of goodies from the supermarket!!! 😀 The white sesame crisp thing was bought at some stop. Can’t resist the urge so I’m gonna devour it now MUAHA




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