Another trip to Funan

This time round, we encountered a candy dispenser that charged us 2 dollars instead of the usual 1 dollar…

ImageBut the difference between this machine and the ones commonly found in other shopping malls (other than the price difference) is that the candy is dispensed into a hard plastic cup. 

ImageI guess it wasn’t that bad of a buy afterall HAHAHA

This time round, I bought a game!

ImageTwas on offer and I still have about a month of holiday to go, so why not?

Played till the second chapter about 2 hours ago before I decided to retire from it for the day. It felt like my eye degree would have increased by another 200 if I hadn’t taken a break. HA i skipped all the little conversations because the game was in Japanese and I was too lazy to activate my sloth-like Japanese reading skills.

On another topic, I bought a new tuner and simple guitar guidebook in another attempt to master the guitar. All’s well so far, except I feel the tip of my left index finger slightly hardening. 🙂






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