Trip to Funan!

There was this period of time after our O levels and before the time we got our poly results, where one of my friends and I went to Funan several times because we were THAT BORED. But Funan has quite a few shops that caught our interest, like video games, novelty stationery and figurines (this might just be me though HAHA). 

And ever since my first semester started I’ve been craving to go back there again, especially on weekdays when there are lesser crowds. And I fufilled my craving last week! With the same friend HAHA

We went to La Tendo, and I finally caught a glimpse of the 1/8 scale of Ultimate Madoka. It’s really really big! And very very glorious-looking! They also had the scale figures of Saber in  different forms (eg. Distant Avalon, Golden Caliburn, Motor Curaisser, Alter maid etcetcetc). I don’t know how avid collectors fit all of these into their rooms, especially in Singapore. Especially with their extravagant poses, these figures really look like they’ll take up a lot of space…

I also went around and saw that Saber zero ver. nendoroids were retailing for at least $60 and felt very satisfied with my discounted buy from CDJapan :3 EHEHEHE

And as usual, we also visited most of the video game shops and my friend got this really cool buy:



A gameboy advanced game! Pretty neat, huh? Works with DS also.Image


I like how there was a box inside an outer box just to contain the cartridge HAHA. It protected it well; the cartridge actually looked and felt absolutely new even though it was produced more than 10 years ago!

Of course, we didn’t set Funan as our only destination, and we kinda got tired of the place and left. It was then when we passed by this unique vending machine that offered FRESH orange juice. 

Image…and we stood there analysing the making process in the machine for a couple of minutes while passers-by started staring as we got excited seeing a cup of orange juice being blended out on the spot.



It was surprisingly good… I think they mixed some concentrate in though. 

And after that we just derped around in Plaza Singapura hahahhaha.


I’m running to Your arms

I’m running to Your arms

The riches of Your love

Will always be enough



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