reminiscing Bananas in PJs


Was just browsing through pictures on Facebook that reminded me of some of the things that I commonly saw around me. I was reminded of this show I used to watch quite a bit.

It was literally two people dressing up like bananas wearing pyjamas and going around their  house and visiting their friends.

And then I remembered how I found the show disturbing after a while. I kinda found their little acts to appeal to children rather… stupid. It was like, “it was obviously going to happen, so why do you still do it?” Just like in their little jingle song,” they’re tumbling down the stairs!” most of the episodes I watched depicted them tumbling down the only stairs in their house. Actually I remember feeling a sense of unease every time I watched them tumble because from my point of view at that time, they could’ve easily avoided that!

After a while I realised that I couldn’t, in any way, change the way those idiotic bananas moved and thought. And so I gradually stopped watching it. I guess to me at that time the situation was a little like: if I don’t see it, it’s not happening.

It didn’t help that I found walking bananas highly unrealistic and eventually, disturbing.

So right now, while they’re actually people reminiscing how they used to adore this wonderful kids’ series, I’m actually recalling how much it used to chase me away a little every episode. 


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