Zange Natsume WIP

It’s been about three to four months since my first cosplay but I’ve yet to make a post to commemorate what I did in preparation for it. It was a rather simply cosplay, but I still had some problems with it, especially with the makeup and shoes. Nevertheless it was a fun experience, both the preparation and the event.

So… this was my reference picture:

ImageThough I only started loving Zange when I watched the anime adaption of the series, the manga drawing provided me with more details.

Because I pieced the costume together from scratch, the most challenging parts were definitely the tie and blazer, because prior to this I didn’t know anywhere that sold such skinny and different coloured ties. The blazer was a heck of a problem because of my narrow shoulders (32-34cm!); the sizes that I found online were at least 38cm. Due to lack of funds I strongly decided against tailoring it. Either way, I managed to find one that was close enough and didn’t make me look like a small child putting on her father’s clothes.:D

Of course, the iconic bunny ears. I bought a metre of bendable wire for $1 and black velvet cloth for $7. I decided not to use satin instead because I wanted the ears to have a stiff look. The hairband was just a plain black one found in markets.

First, I cut out the shape of the ears on a piece of thin cardboard…


The sewing of the rabbit ears was a pain, especially because I had to hand sew it together. But once I got the hang of it, everything was slightly more efficient.Image

Not counting in breaks in between, this took less than 4 hours to complete. I glued the base of the ears to the hairband also, so that they’d be more stable.

In the anime, Zange sometimes held up pieces of his drawings to better describe what he was talking about. I adapted that because I thought it’d bring out his comic relief character.Image


I literally traced it out from my laptop’s screen to get the hand drawn effect HAHA.

The picture is from this cosplayer, who did a nice rendition of Zange Natsume too.

And the completed work… WAHAHA!



Of course, I can’t leave out one of the most essential part of completing the cosplay: my wig!

When I first got it I was really nervous and somehow messed it up. I had to use fabric softener to soften the strands and straighten it out again. Because I didn’t have a wig stand, I used a badmintion racket, wedged between my drawer and study table hahaha












I also had to style it a little, as the bangs weren’t cut yet.

I’m really happy that the overall result turned out well, though I had a slight problem with the ears tilting to much. Makes me want to cosplay again so much! 😀



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