My take on cosplay makeup at events

Recently I came across this article on deviantart. It was a photographer’s opinion on how some cosplayers dub exaggerated lashes and rouges as ‘cosplay makeup’. 

Can’t find the link to the article now, but for the photographer, he doesn’t seem to like the idea of over blushing cheeks and voluminous lower lashes. I’m not siding with anyone here; I just wanted to give my take on how I think makeup would be optimal while cosplaying- at events that is. 

I’m leaving out the private photo shoots for now since I haven’t been to any. And from what I’ve heard, it’s easier to edit those shots than those taken at conventions, so they can’t possibly turn out too shockingly exaggerated for the most parts.

Back to the topic: since you’re at an event where there will be other watching, I think it’ll be good if your makeup looks normal from medium to close up shots. I’ve seen some cosplayers put on stage-like makeup and honestly, it felt a little weird while standing next to them…

As crossplaying is rather common in Singapore, I’ve observed that some females tend to make their male characters look too beautiful, even those that are considered macho. When I first seeked help from the forums on whether I should use falsies for my Zange Natsume cosplay, about 3/4 of them said it’ll make me look overly feminine. The other quarter advised me to get sparse ones that will just make my lashes fuller, while retaining the male look. (at the end I didn’t put any because eyeliner made my eyes defined enough haha)

Lower lashes: well… normally, you don’t meet anyone on the street with a whole row of bottom lashes. In fact, sometimes it’s not even accurate to put them on because your character may not even have lower lashes that visible!
Nah. I think I prefer it to be plain. Of course, if your character demands you to look like a total beauty or has visible lower lashes, then by all means, put ’em on.

Eyeliner: To me, it’s only a magic paintbrush to make my eyes look wider and more defined, not to make me look like I haven’t sleep in three days.

All in all, my take is that it should look natural, since most characters are not drawn to have very thick makeup on. Too much of it might make you look like you’re moving away from your character already. However, I do think that it’s necessary to put on at least a little so you don’t look as blank with your brightly coloured wig.



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