Teamwork and Trust

I’ve come to a point when I can’t trust this particular person in my project group.

I’ve been feeling this conflict for a while now; it’s only recently that I’ve managed to put it into words. The event that sparked this off? He actually asked the rest of the group,” are you guys going to mark me down on the peer appraisal form?”

Just to make this clear, whatever that is written here are purely my own opinions and don’t signify how my other group mate feels about it.

Back to my midnight rant. So what kind of answer was he expecting when he threw that question at us? And after that he continued on saying that he’ll understand if we do, because he hasn’t been contributing a lot. Sad to say, he hit the mark with that statement.

And then after that there was a bit of a talk between the three of us (including my other group mate), and then we gave him some feedback and advice, and he gave me the impression that he’ll change. And because he was feeling kinda remorseful for not having done much work, I gave him some other tasks to do, “by Sunday, can? We’ve gotta get this done by Sunday so that we can print it out by Monday. And not Sunday midnight kind of thing.” It was on Saturday, by the way.

So once again I trusted him that he could have at least some responsibility.

Guess what? I didn’t hear from him at all till Sunday night, when he called and asked, “do we need to wear formal clothes for tomorrow’s presentation?”

The next few parts of our very brief conversation confirmed my suspicion: he didn’t do his work. AT ALL. And so after a slightly pained and impatient reminder, he decided,” okay okay, I’ll do it now”. Hours later, I eventually got simple powerpoint slides (which were what he was supposed to do) on something that could have been completed in under 30 minutes  . If not for the fact that everyone in the group needed to present we wouldn’t have wasted so much time and effort on getting everyone to write their own slides.

After that I totally lost my faith in him to finish up any of the tasks that were assigned to him.

Dude, don’t you get it? It doesn’t matter whether we mark you down or not.  I mean, if you can’t put in the effort, don’t say that “I’ll do it” and then let us trust you completely before betraying it a few days later. I know you’re busy; we all are, but have you not heard of ‘taking initiatives’ and ‘having responsibility’? The fact is that as a three-people group doing work that meant for groups of 4 or 5, we’re already pressurized enough. Most of the time there’re only two brains working. We can’t even trust you enough to pass minor part of the project to you. If you get marked down for participation, your grades go down. But if we, as the other members, cannot finish the work on time because of lack of manpower, will we not be pulled into that pit with you?


At the end of the day, I realize once again that there’s a limit to what we can change. As a say silent prayers for God to guide us through and thanking Him for bringing us thus far, I also pray that He will guide you along.


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