One other music group that I listen to (other than Kalafina and FictionJunction of course) is Osaka-hailing SCANDAL. Their music is quite different from Kalafina’s in the sense that they produce more mainstream JPop music. Yet, their vocals and appeal as a all-girl band make them stand out quite a bit in the Japanese music industry.

Just my personal opinion: They seem to have declined in quality over the years.

I was just one of the live videos from last year, and I wondered about a recurring question: why do they keep performing a certain song even though the main vocals obviously can’t reach the right pitch?
By the way, the song in question is Shunkan Sentimental, which debuted as on of the ending theme for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I’ve watched quite a few live performances of that song, and to me it seemed like Haruna was going from “can reach the high notes” to “trying hard to strain and get close to the note” and sometimes even going off-tune while getting nowhere near the exact melody.

Mami’s starting to miss some notes as well…

Maybe they’ve been performing too much recently.


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