Let’s give up.

All this while I’ve been harboring the illusion of being able to see a reflection of a genderbent Takuto from star driver. I even made distinct plans about the differences and whatnot. Today, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’ll probably stay as an illusion, since I won’t be able to fulfill it anytime soon and as new thoughts come, I’ll forget about this in due course.

Don’t say I didn’t try; it’s because I tried, that’s why I know. My plan of shipping something from Taobao was dashed in a matter of minutes when search results only showed one less-than-satisfactory entry. Just as a rough benchmark, I converted the price and realized that I’ll probably have to spend more than 160 bucks to get one with great workmanship.

I know that many cosplayers do spend a lot more on their costumes, but frankly speaking, as I’ve just started out, I’m quite reluctant to spend more than 150 dollars in total.

(side note: quite some time back, I saw someone selling it for $80 on sgcafe, and I was like :O. too bad i didn’t have the interest then. D:)

True enough, I went to other online sites, and they were all at least 160 dollars. 

I don’t think I’d want to go to a tailor, since I’ve heard that they can charge quite a bit. Sewing it by myself is totally out of the question, although I actually tried googling on how to start. 

So my only hope now is to patiently (and probably uselessly and futilely) for someone else to post up news about his/her costume being on sale. If not, I guess that’s it.


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