It’s not thanksgiving anymore

You know that it’s sad when one, either as a visitor or member of the place, walk into a hall during “worship”, and the first thought that comes into his mind is “what a bunch of hypocrites.”

Did you not hear the emcee emphasizing on the word “worship”?

Or is dining and catching up or socializing with old and new friends alike more important than worshiping the one that created you, sent his Son to die for you and correct all human errs. 

The one who loved you so much that despite how much you pushed him away and prioritized sleep and work over, He still forgave you and didn’t banish you to the depths of hell?

The one that we were SUPPOSED to pray to and give thanks to for all that He has done, and the reason we have THANKSGIVING night?

No one is perfect; humans are all full of flaws. As a result, we can never offer a taintless worship. But can’t we at least put in the effort to do the best we can?

Do you not realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to put this relationship with God aside? It is active for every moment of your life. It is ridiculous to go “sorry, I’ll worship when Sunday comes  or in my private time, but now I just have to tell me neighbour how beautiful her dress is, or how he can improve his business idea.”

Are we not running out of time to worship already? Then why are you still wasting it away?

Let the Glory of Your Name

Be the PASSION of this church

Let the Righteousness of GOD

Be the Holy Flame that BURNS

Let the Saving LOVE of Christ




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