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I lost my pencil case. And it’s making me feel really sad. ):


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Fancy eating dirt?

If this article is true and such a restaurant actually exist in what most people recognise as one of the cleanest and most hygienic country, I only have one question to the patrons, staff and chefs(if they do at least have a decent kitchen):

Why in the world are you doing this to yourself..?

Article on Japanese restaurant that serves DIRT AND GRIME

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Relieving childhood days. Kinda.

It’s 2.16 in the morning.

I told myself that I’d be going though my correlation and regression notes.

Yet I’m staring at a glowing screen and signing up for a new Club Penguin account. And I’m totally proud of it. To prove, I’m actually blogging about it instead of reflecting upon my actions.


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As I was on the verge of breaking after submitting one of the most important projects of the semester, I suddenly heard Hououin Kyouma going on in my head:

Heh. Enjoy.

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January 27, 2013 · 8:13 pm

Snacks snack snacks~


My really sweet friend passed me these just now. As a really belated christmas present I guess? Since I only just passed her hers also HAHA.

When I opened up the plastic carrier to reveal these, i almost drooled. Literally.


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The reason why I use Google Chrome




TRUTH. Though without IE I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Google Chrome.

I used to patronize Firefox, until the incessant updates on useless add-ons drove me away. It was about that time when Google Chrome popped out also. Chrome was faster anyway.Image

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Music- Sprinter (Acoustic)

From Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE SELECTION 2009-2012.

Just yesterday I was browsing through youtube and someone was kind enough to upload one of the many tracks found in Kalafina’s latest live soundtrack album.

I fell in love with it almost immediately.

This version is a stark contrast from their usual energetic performance of this single. The change in instruments and Hikaru’s solo mostly made the song more surreal to me. It starts off with a slightly sorrowful feeling and ends with a bittersweet touch. Afterall, this song is not exactly a ‘happy’ song so I guess this version brings the lyrics out more. Nevertheless, I still adore both the original and acoustic versions. :’D

Needless to say, the vocals are SUPERB.


君に届く? 僕が届く?

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January 26, 2013 · 9:57 am