SAO’s over!

Well, the animation is at least.

Words just can’t seem to express how I feel after finishing episode 25. Though the episode felt rushed, with some lines and scenes seeming like they were only animated just because they were following the light novels and gave of a slightly superficial feeling, that story arc was still given a sufficient conclusion. I especially liked how they put ‘Crossing Field’ as the ending song and rolled through some screenshots of the characters. It seemed like an ending that you would usually see in movie productions that will make you feel oh-so-nostalgic and go “ah, it’s finally over, isn’t it?”

I should really pick up the light novel again. About 2 months ago, I’ve stopped at the introduction of the Gun Gale Arc because it was a little tough for me to follow, since there were quite some narrations and conversations instead of fights.

Back to the real world; it’s Christmas Eve today! The reason why I’m writing this early is not because I woke up early, rather, it’s because I DIDN’T SLEEP 😀

Either way, Merry Christmas! Here’s a perky link to cheer up your Monday (though most people have no school/ half day at work)


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