Star Driver the Movie: in 2013!!!


Sugata’s character design’s so nice *-*

Seems like I’ll be going to the movie theatres at least 2 times next year: once for Tiger and Bunny (part 2) and for Star Driver: The movie!

From what I’ve heard, the movie will be a summary of the animated series, with the addition of ” an all-new segment about their lives after the story of the television series” (Anime News Network). The first screening will be launched on 9 Feb 2013, which is also Chinese New Year’s Eve. Speak about double blessings, ohohoho (counting the movie’s launch and Angpow collection, HAHA). I don’t know when the movie will be launched in Singapore, though I’m sure it won’t be too long apart from Japan’s launch. But if starts screening on the same day, I’ll probably go catch it a lot later, since my exams are conveniently scheduled one week after Chinese New Year. D:

ANYWAY. Some of the characters appearing are:

Tsunashi Takuto (LIKE DUH HAHA), Shindō Sugata, Wako Agemaki, Head, Keta no Miko, Nichi Keito, Benio Shinada, Kanako Watanabe,Midori Okamoto, Yō Mizuno , Yō Marino, Sarina Endō and Ryōsuke Katashiro. To be honest, the only characters that I can recognize by name are probably the main trio, Head, Mizuno and Marino. But I know the others are probably in the Kiraboshi group thing. I think. If you want more information, do check out the series’ fan-made wikia page! I always do that for all the series that I follow, and unfortunately end up unraveling all the spoilers. :’)

On a side note, I’m still dreaming of doing the genderbent version of Takuto: Ginga Bishoujo post. NOTE: DREAMING.

I’m really excited about going to the theatres and seeing how the animators made Takuto’s transformation scene theatre-worthy.


This post is just a summary of what I’ve read off this page.


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