EOY 2012

Ever since AFA’s ended, I haven’t really gotten over the fact that a super mega huge event like this has ended already. It like, I’ve been expecting it ever since my first AFA trip last year and then WHAM! it’s already over.

Fortunately, there’s another such event to cushion the shock for me. It will also bring a nice conclusion to large-scale cosplay and anime events in Singapore for 2012.


EOY Cosplay Festival happens this coming Sunday (9th Dec 2012) at Marina Barrage. And unlike previous years, there’s not entrance fee this time round! ( That means more budget to spends on merchandises, hehehe)

From 11am to 8pm, you’ll be able to purchase exclusive merchandises, eat yummy food and admire the myriad of cosplayers flaunting off their magnificent costumes and props. Want to know what else will be happening? Read on!

(Actually, the event has so many exciting aspects that I don’t really know where to start, HAHA.)

I’ll start with the feature that’s most evidently portrayed in the name of the event: the cosplay!

Get to meet Risa and Yivon and EOY2012!

Local cosplay ambassadors Risa and Yivon

This year, the festival is graced by as many as 9 cosplay ambassadors. They’re mostly locals; the only exception is Yuki Christy, who hails from Malaysia. Either way, they’ll make you think that your favourite 2D characters like Asuna (SAO) or Victorique (Gosick) have abandoned all restricting boundaries and have come to life for real.

For those of you who will be going as fellow cosplayers, here’s a piece of good news for you too.The organizers have opened up an area for you to safe-keep your bulky baggage for NO EXTRA CHARGES.eoybaggage

It’ll also be good to note that the storage area is LIMITED and operates on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Don’t have a camera to capture down precious memories on the day? MORE GOOD NEWS.


I think this is rather self-explanatory. For more information: the full poster’s here!

I haven’t been to the previous years’ EOY festivals, But I think they thought this one out pretty well. Look, there’s even a resting area and a BonJapan booth with meido ambassadors to serve you. What else did they not think of?

meidoambassadorWhile you’re at it, remember to collect coscards from them and the KiraCandy Girls! Remember remember!

Alright, time for another main highlight. I had thought of breaking up the description of EOY2012 into three separate posts since there is so much content to cover, but I realized that I would probably stall off writing the other two posts, HAHA.


For those with smartphones, do download the QR code app! For those who already have the app, it’s time to practice your QR-code-scanning skills during the EOY Quest. As you play, you’ll get to complete quests, levels up and gain rewards, all the while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the whole event!

So, how do you get to this wondrous event? Here you go! A link on a list of ways to get there (without excessively tiring yourself out by attempting to WALK there. :D)

Don’t hesitate! Start making your plan on what you’re going to do when you get there this Sunday!

To finish this post, I’ll end off with a marvelous night view of Marina Barrage, which we’ll be able to view on that night. 🙂



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