“I can die happy now.”

The above is a phrase that’s definitely overused by everybody. It is commonly used when one is satisfied (often, for a brief term) with a certain outcome or happening. It is used to describe the joy that has sprouted inside of them; it is so overwhelming to the point that they wouldn’t mind if lightning came down from the heavens and struck them dead, on a bright sunny morning.

But I’m still going to use it. I’m can die happy now.

I was browsing the forums and I found ONE picture of me during AFA 2012.Image



The picture looked like it was at about 11.30 am, when I had just arrived at the hall’s entrance and hadn’t really gotten ready yet. My right eye wasn’t fully covered, my shirt collar wasn’t tucked snugly under my blazer, my blazer wasn’t straightened, my gloves weren’t on, and my bulky hand phone strap was evidently sticking out of my pant pocket. Despite all these flaws, I still feel this overwhelming sense of satisfaction, and no words can actually express how absolutely delighted I am to realize “hey! I’ve got pictures from that day!”

I now know how I can improve my cosplay also, HAHA.

I can die happy now.

To the photographer who posted it up, thank you X300000!!!

If anyone else has any pictures of a Zange Natsume on AFA 12 Day 1 that fits the above descriptions, it’ll be awesome if you could send them to me at lilwhitestar@gmail.com. ❤


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