EOY2012 update


I’m not in any way affiliated to the organizers or sponsors of the event, but I just thought it’d be good to spread the word~

Some time back, I received an email from EOY2012 saying that the JPop concert was cancelled. That meant that this year there would be no Haruna Luna, Danceroid, Sayuri Sugawara, or Haruna Luna.

Yes I repeated Haruna Luna twice. Because I actually find her very, very cute. Or rather, her choice of stage clothing.

ANYWAY, because one of their sponsors pulled out, EOY2012 didn’t have enough funding and had to cancel the whole concert altogether. Fortunately, the day festival’s still on! Though I’d very much like to go, I’ll probably consider it after I’ve fully prepared for my upcoming common tests. And like I’ve told my friend, “If I go, I’ll be going as a regular human being this time”, because it really takes up a lot of energy for me when I cosplay, HAHA

So long!


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