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In a Nutshell: Les Misérables

So after being called to school for an unexpected tutorial, I start 9Gagging. Hooray.Image



For a period of time I stopped 9gagging because they didn’t tickle by funny-bone anymore. BUT THIS. THIS. IS. GOLD.

On a side note:Anne Hathaway looks really gorgeous. 😀 


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What a way to end 2012

This morning, I received a call from one of my group mates:

He:Did you know, there is BMGT tutorial now?

Me: *Pause* no. I don’t.

He: *awkward silence* okay. there is. teacher ask you come now.

I peeked at my phone’s time, and it was 9:12. If I had lessons, it would have started at 9.


And instead of rushing there I’m still sitting here ranting. HAHHAA

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SAO’s over!

Well, the animation is at least.

Words just can’t seem to express how I feel after finishing episode 25. Though the episode felt rushed, with some lines and scenes seeming like they were only animated just because they were following the light novels and gave of a slightly superficial feeling, that story arc was still given a sufficient conclusion. I especially liked how they put ‘Crossing Field’ as the ending song and rolled through some screenshots of the characters. It seemed like an ending that you would usually see in movie productions that will make you feel oh-so-nostalgic and go “ah, it’s finally over, isn’t it?”

I should really pick up the light novel again. About 2 months ago, I’ve stopped at the introduction of the Gun Gale Arc because it was a little tough for me to follow, since there were quite some narrations and conversations instead of fights.

Back to the real world; it’s Christmas Eve today! The reason why I’m writing this early is not because I woke up early, rather, it’s because I DIDN’T SLEEP 😀

Either way, Merry Christmas! Here’s a perky link to cheer up your Monday (though most people have no school/ half day at work)

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Just this afternoon when I decided to open my room’s window to let some air in, I was greeted with this slight gush of icy wind. And for the next one hour, I had to huddle on a corner of my bed with pillows and blankets while playing Pokemon White. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t have any appointments today because other than the cold air, it was raining, so I might have just strongly protested against the idea of entering any shopping malls.

But then again, it’s the shopping season so maybe the malls won’t be like cold storage areas since they’ll be heaps of people buying stuff.

I’m currently resorting to eating Kimchi flavoured seaweed and Wasabi furikake with rice, desperate attempt to warm myself up. My tongue’s just on fire now.

Here’s a random quote by Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurran Lagann:

Don’t believe in yourself! Believe in ME, who believes in YOU!

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EOY’12: Post-event post!

I’ve finally managed to find some time away from schoolwork to do a my-experience-to-eoy12 post! Finally, after one week of tests, cram study sessions, and more tests, I’m gonna review some of the pictures that I took at the event.

In case you have no idea what ‘the event’ is, do refer to this post!

So this time round, I registered for a media pass and went for their media tour, OH YEAH.

Media Pass!

Media Pass!

One of the first features that they highlighted during the tour was their unique EOY Quest game. On that day, some of the pillars had posters of ridiculously adorable graphics of a certain monsters and a QR code underneath.

They honestly don't look too dangerous or anything to me.

They honestly don’t look too dangerous or anything to me.

I thought it was a rather distinctive way to engage the event-goers and to let them explore the whole area, all the while having fun ‘destroying monsters’. I didn’t participate though, since I didn’t have 3G connection. But the fortunate thing was that my friend had internet access, and we spent quite some time running around and scanning any kind of QR codes that we saw.

Somewhere around this time, my friend and I started drifting away and were almost separated from the media walkthrough group HAHA. And then, when we next saw them, they were crowding around these…


The dollfies seemed so realistic that, for a moment, I kinda had a slight inferiority complex. Even down to the little pastries models, everything seemed absolutely real. Of course, everyone started flashing out their mighty cameras and because I was standing at the side, it was difficult to get a front shot. By the way, I had managed to borrow a digital camera from my dearest companion to at least take some snapshots. 😀

And the following is a view of the crowd that the dollfies were overlooking:



I liked how the organizers actually divided the different sections of the event such that there weren’t overcrowding problems near the dollfies, rest area and bag deposit booths and the itanshas. And from where those booths were, you could have gotten an aerial view of the doujin booths and stage area.

For some reason, the walkthrough also covered the Ichiban Kuji and BonJapan booths. And because the products looked SUPER attractive, here are some eye-candies:


Too bad I didn’t get any. Heh.

And the rest of the post is comprised of some snapshots I took independent of the walkthrough (not all though, some of them belonged to my friend but she said “sure! Just use ’em!” what are friends for anyway. 🙂


Part of the stage performances

If I remember correctly, the singer above introduced herself as Serene. She wowed the crowd with her version of Oath Sign by LiSA. Though the stage platform she stood on was quite informal, but she still performed greatly.

And no otaku stage is complete without otaku dancers.


What nice weather~

I only spotted one with lightsticks. He was so entertaining to watch that I stayed till the end of the performance, rather than moving to a less crowded area. But wow, this guy’s got guts; the actions didn’t seem easy as well.

The whole sheltered area was taken up by the booths and stage, so the bulk of cosplayers couldn’t pose under the shelters. Sure, there was some shelter at the area near the toilets, but the background… nah.

Thank God for good weather! It was hot at first, but it soon cooled down at about 3pm. And what’s more, the scenery and man-made features attracted both cosplayers and photographers alike.

NOTE: To all the cosplayers in the pictures, thanks for posing! 😀




She looks really, really cute.



Adventure Time~

Adventure Time~



Panty looks pretty~ Stocking too~














Didn’t take a lot of shots of the itanshas because that wasn’t exactly my area of interest… Still the vehicles looked really awesome!IMG_5691IMG_5687IMG_5688

And that’s about it! I didn’t purchase, ‘cept for the Madoka lucky draws at one of the doujin booths. I got another Mami badge, and a Kyoko one, though I have no intentions of displaying the latter at all.

Overall, the event had quite a fair bit of entertainment, though I think it’d be better if they could bring in a booth that actually sold authentic nendoroids and other figurines. Also, I felt that the doujin booths didn’t have much variety; they mostly offered Madoka, Kuroko and SAO arts. Yes, these are currently a few of the most popular series, but I guess more variety is always welcomed. But the wonderful location and range of cosplayed characters pretty much made up for more than the lack of assortment in the artworks. To add on, the DJ played quite a few FictionJunction and Kalafina songs, heehee. You have no idea how delighted I was when I first reached there and caught on to the rich tune of “Distance”.

For an event with free entry, it was definitely worthwhile attending it. If there were more experience booths, I don’t think I would even mind if a small entry fee were to be charged. Either way, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I’m sure many others also enjoyed the EOY2012 just as much.

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Just to get this out of my mind…

I’m having a test on Thursday, yet all I can think about is the different posts that I’ve been wanting to make (unsurprisingly, only when I have other more urgent tasks to complete).

So, for me to focus on revising for my test and stop procrastinating blog posts when I have some spare time, I’m gonna list down the posts that have been on my mind for AGES.

1)EOY’12 post-event post

2)Hong Kong trip from over two months back

3)Zange Natsume work-in-progress (though it’s already long completed)

*pinky promise to FINISH ALL OF ‘EM*

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Mdnight Oneliners: Helpful Internet

“I used to think that I was special, until I found the internet.”

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