I really hate not being in control.

That being said, I don’t think I’m that control freak during group projects who’s obsessed with regulating his/her group members’ lives. But it’s just that I cannot stand situations from happening that are sometimes beyond my control. I know that during these times the only thing I can do is to trust God that everything will work out, but as human nature stands, I was really frustrated with myself when my laptop decided, “Adios! I’m going off!” and died, just before a class that required full laptop usage. And because I haven’t been diligently making backups of my work into my external hard disk, everything was lost, including the excel assignments that were due that very night.


I could easily redo my work, so that wasn’t so bad. As I tried to recall what data I had left in my laptop, I realized that photos from my Hong Kong trip and my cosplay work-in-progress  -photos that I’ve procrastinated posting online up till now- weren’t backed up. I wasn’t sure what happened, so before I got my laptop back, I assumed to worst possible outcome I could think of, which was losing all of these unique captured memories.

So I exited the classroom immediately after class was over, and thankfully found an available computer in the school’s internet cafe. Lenovo’s service centre would close at 6.30pm, so I had at least 1 1/2 hours to submit my work and send Ugly for servicing. Lo and behold, I managed to make a replica of my original work (if not improved) and rush down to the service centre which was just three bus stops away.

Though there was no one there when I arrived, I still had to get a Q-ticket, haha. But anyway I didn’t have to wait too long so I’ve got no complaints about that.

“Hi, what… seems to be the problem?” the friendly counter guy asked me when I set Ugly down on the counter.

“I have no idea,” I looked him in the eye and said it with all honesty. I mean, it just refused to be switched on and I don’t remember doing anything bizarre to it before that.

I didn’t post about it before, but I’ve sent my laptop to the exact centre once because of the battery lock button at the base of the laptop. The button had dropped INSIDE the base, leaving a gaping square hole there. When I had gotten it back then, the technician had only replaced the button without its little spring that made the button useful. So I told the counter guy about it and he gave me the quizzical “why in the world would they do such an half-assed job of fixing it?” glance, and I replied with a “exactly! I have no freaking idea!” look.




Anyway, he made a memo about it, along with asking them to check the battery since I also complained about its decreasing lifespan.

After that whole business was finished, I actually felt really relived, even though they couldn’t loan me another model for work, which was also quite problematic. And the more I dwelt on it, the more depressed I felt. In the end, I walked home in stark silence, worrying about something that seems so insignificant now.

But God always provides me with another event to cheer me up and that’s why I always seem less stressed out when compared to my other peers. On the way home, I saw the a 7-11 was returning to the rows of shops near my house and all of a sudden I felt happy again. HAHAHAHA.

BUT ANYWAY, I’ll probably get Ugly back on Friday, so until then I’ll have to get used to the Mac mini at home.


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