So I went for AFA’12 (Sat) …

and I didn’t manage to take any pictures of other cosplayers or the event at all.

I was really busy (not lazy, if you must). Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I went as Zange Natsume. And because I had to wear gloves, it became very tiring to remove and put them on repetitively. Someone wants a picture, so I put them on for a few minutes, before seeing a really cool figurine that I’ll probably never get my hands on and wanting to take a picture of it as a momento. In the end, I just decided to keep my gloves on all the way. My friend was holding a camera anyway, not that I think she took a lot of pictures too.

Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much loved those people who approached me for a picture, because I did spent quite some time on my cosplay. And I also bumped into a few fangirls of Zange as a result.

Oh yeah. I did take one picture.

AFA'12 Tiger&BunnyBunny-chan!

I wanted to take a shot of Sky High too, since he’s the other character in Tiger and Bunny that I adore as much as Barnaby, but alas, the crowd made me dizzy.

Speaking about crowds, this year’s AFA, albeit the larger area, felt a lot more cramped than AFA’11.

This year, the event was held at EXPO instead of Suntec like in the previous years due to the latter’s renovation works. Because of the larger area, the organizers could bring in larger appreciation booths, such as the one for SAO and Madoka Magica, and the artists’ gallery (called Creators’ Hub this time round) seemed larger than last year’s. They even brought in more Ichiban Kujis and food booths. However, there were also a lot more people to fill up the enormous hall. This year, I didn’t even attempt to join any of the queues for any of the appreciation booths or the MUSE shop. Reason? The queues were ridiculously long and stagnant. I later came across many annoyed Facebook posts that even those who queued up early for the SAO booth had to wait at least an hour before they got to enter. Also, many of the merchandise were sold out by 2pm on the first day. It was either because the people in front bought multiple copies of item (maybe following the collectors’ rule of buying 3 copies- one for storage, another for reserve and the third for actual use), or the booth’s in-charge just didn’t bring in enough stocks.

Crowd management this year didn’t seem up to standard when I compare it to last year’s (since I only started going for events in 2011). I reached there at about 11am, and there was a really long and confused queue or entrance tickets. One reason could be because they did not have clear signs and directions on where to queue up to buy the different kinds of tickets. The staff that tried to help the group of people were holding up signs written on flimsy A4-sized papers. And as if they didn’t expect heaps of people to be entering from the ONLY ENTRANCE, the queue for the SAO booth was right at the entrance, giving the impression that the hall was so full of people that no one could move. Sure, there were barricades that guided new entrants into the hall, but I don’t think a right way of showing people an event is to present to them,”look, there’re a lot of people inside already! Why not you go in too and squeeze with everybody? :D”

 Also it seemed like the PR personnel this year seemed like they were ready to picked a fight with the owners of some of the Facebook comments. I won’t deny that those people were being rude to the staff that ha taken pains to plan such a large-scale event, but as a PR personnel, you are the one presenting the organization to the world, and so every of your actions, words and tone count. For those of you who have followed the slight conversation between AFA and a certain FB user, you will know what I mean.

About the AniSong concerts, I’m not going to write anything about it, since I didn’t attend any of the concerts at all.

But anyhow, I’m glad that they attempted to revamp some aspects of the festival and although I left early due to my aching feet, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Though the crowd made me feel a little claustrophobic, I could understand why the event attracted so many people this year. With all awesome guests appearances, booths and more, squeezing into the crowds didn’t seem like such a bad thing afterall.

All of a sudden I regret not taking any pictures of myself at the event. My friend refuses to give me the polaroid that she took of me. ):

And in other news: I can’t decide whether to open up Saber Lily’s box or not, though I’m pretty sure I’ll end up dissecting its contents soon HAHA


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