I went for the festival on Saturday and these make up the loot that I hauled out from thehall.

AFA'12 LOOT1. Saber Lily nendoroid

2. Mami Tomoe badge

3. Mami Tomoe keychain

4. Okita Souji Badge

5. Kamui figurine


I actually bought the smaller items first before convincing myself (with the help of my dearest friend) to get Saber lily. And I decided that I’M DONE WITH BUYING ALREADY. NO MORE.

If you had been reading my previous posts, I once wrote about the list of figures I had wanted to collect. I can now successfully strike Saber Lily off. I would have gotten Mami too, but alas, I was strapped for cash.  Oh dear.

In case you noticed, the purple thing on the left of the picture is actually my wig.

I’ll probably post about my experience to AFA tomorrow or something because I’m really, really drained now.


Questions and feedback to! It’d be good if you send pictures of a white-shirted Zange Natsume to me too! I’d appreciate it! Thanks~



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