BLEACH is like Mac N’ Cheese, with added cheese

When I mention BLEACH, I meant the manga series, not the liquefied version of a suicide accomplice. 

For quite a few chapters now, every page has been making my hair stand. It’s just so… CHEESY. It’s like, you’ve never experienced cliche before reading the latest chapters of Bleach. The only reason why I’m still reading it is because it’s the last arc already and since I’ve been following this series for a couple of years now, so why not just continue on?

Every line or expression the characters make is like adding a dollop of cheese powder on my already gooey Mac N’ Cheese. 

You know nothing about yourself. Not even… about your own mother.

Seriously? You’re going to be bringing up about his mother NOW? *hair stands*

(Quote from: Bleach Chapter 514, Page 9)


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